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A common question we get asked is "Has anyone been hit by a RC Helicopter?" and we thought the replies might be of interest to people who think these are toys....


Although this page demonstrates the danger involved in RC Helicopters, they can be flown quite safely if you are careful and respectful of these things. You should be in the habit of doing a quick Pre-Flight Checklist as well as ALWAYS holding on to the rotor head tightly while starting.


Before we begin though, lets take a look at some of the forces and velocities involved in a 30 size helicopter with average wood blades at 1800 rpm.

  • Each spindle, blade holder and nylon nut screwed to it has to hold 270 pounds (122Kg) to keep the blades from flying away!

  • The tip speed of each blade is about 250 MPH or 413 KPH!

  • If your a person who can throw about 50 MPH (81 KPH) that's equivalent to hitting something with the tip of an 8 ft (2.5m) ruler as hard as you can. It would HURT!

  • If one blade separates and the other is still attached, the helicopter will have to sustain the force of a somewhat large man jumping on it from every direction 30 times per second. It won't last the blink of an eye and pieces will fly hundreds of feet in every direction.

Remember, these statistics are for 30 sized helicopter blades. 60 Sized helicopters are much more powerful, and they're blades are considerably longer and heavier.



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